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Olivia O'Hara is a director and screenwriter based in Brooklyn. Since 2015, her work has screened at festivals worldwide; 2018 accolades include a Red Dot Award for Communication Design, two Gold ADDY® Awards, a bronze CLIO Award, and a 39th College Television Award nomination for her short "Weird". While in undergrad in Savannah, GA, she got her set legs on 15+ features and TV productions, including America’s Got Talent S13, MacGyver S2, Baywatch, Lizzie, Killerman, and Galveston, and more from Paramount, Netflix and Hallmark. She served on the screenplay review committee for ATLFF 2018 and is a member of the daisie 100.

In summer 2019, she finished the script of The Last Line, her first feature-length thriller.

O'Hara's M.O. is to bring our motley global audience together through storytelling that makes us feel something.
She spent her childhood building forts in the Virginia woods, still gets away with a lot of mischief, and always carries a pen in case you miss the apostrophe.

Directing The Limit. 2016. Photo by Jenny Watts.