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Official Selections: 2017 Savannah Film & Her Showcase, USA (Apr); 2017 One Laugh Away Comedy Festival, SCT (Apr), nominated for Best Student Short and Best Actress laurels.

Video password: parkingtickets

Janet Olson is a parking enforcement officer, and she’s on a mission: ticket her quota of cars by five o’clock, and go home to her kids. But when her only pen falls down a sidewalk drain and no one wants to help her out, she must face the odds and find a solution, fast…

"'The Limit' delights for its classic action-driven comedy and situational humor, like that of Olly Williams' Cannes-acclaimed short 'The Fly', but also reflects on human perseverance through the lens of one woman's small problem. It's a bittersweet metaphor for life."- Andrew Meyer, Producer (The Breakfast Club, Fried Green Tomatoes)

In-kind sponsorships by The Dixon Ticonderoga Company, Chipotle, Krispy Kreme, Kaufman-Heinz LLC, and Spudnik Savannah. Proudly funded on Indiegogo; visit The Limit's campaign page to see how well we did!

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Written, produced, directed by Olivia O'Hara / 2017